Creating Beauty, One Pet At A Time
Creating Beauty, One Pet At A Time



Equipment kits are a separate cost in addition to the tuition fee.


You must have a complete grooming kit on the first day of class, no matter what program you decide to take. This kit can be ordered with pre-payment to the Grooming Institute of Canada, or you may purchase the equipment on your own.


If you purchase your own equipment, it must pass the Paw-Rific Spa Limited inspection before being used on any animal.


Equipment Required:

  • 2 Universal brushes
  • 1 Tender care brush
  • 1 Professional Nail Cutters
  • 1 small nail trimmer for cats
  • 1 Dremel Stylus Portable Grinder
  • 1 bottle of Quik Stop for nails
  • 1 bottle of Ear Powder
  • 1 Wahl Clipper Professional
  • 1 Fine Blade for Arco SE Portable
  • 1 Arco SE Portable
  • 2 of each of the following  4f,  5f, 7f, 10,  and 1 # 30.
  • 1 Set of Wahl Stainless Steel Clip on Combs
  • 1 English Comb - Fine- Medium Combination Teflon Coated
  • 1 English Handled Comb - Large
  • 1 Mars King Rake - 16 Teeth (Complete set would be great but expensive)
  • 1 Smock
  • 1 Travel Case for Equipment
  • 1 Demating Tool
  • 3 boxes of disposable gloves that must be worn when grooming
  • 1 bottle of Alcohol
  • 1 bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1 package of Cotton Balls
  • 1 package of Q-Tips




Uniform and gloves - Applicant to supply protective covering for clothes, ears and hands when working with animals.


Please note that Paw-Rific Spa, does not sell this equipment, it will be ordered on your behalf from the Grooming Institute of Canada, who deals with reputable suppliers in our industry.


Note: Additional Up-Graded Scissors are required to be purchased by the participant when entering the Enhanced Stylist, Organizational Teaching  Programs. Payment is made to the Grooming Institute of Canada. Remember to tell us whether you are left or right handed, when placing your order, as you will require special scissors if you are left-handed.

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